About Chicken Soup

I am increasingly losing faith in inspirational quotes now.

As early as ten years ago, inspirational articles were popular on WeChat public accounts, and I was one of the learners. However, their effect was limited, only able to solve a few problems, such as temporary comfort for emotional issues. The next day, the problems would reappear, and the emotions would return.

In the past, I often struggled with emotional issues. Mainly because my abilities were not strong enough, and my inner self was unstable, leading to a lack of confidence. At that time, the advocated tolerance and self-cultivation in inspirational articles made me give up some opportunities that I shouldn't have given up, resulting in losses in dealing with people.

But as I grew older, experienced various things and situations, learned and reflected, many things now have solutions. Emotional intelligence has also gradually improved, understanding how to think from others' perspectives. With the improvement of my skills, the fear of abilities gradually disappeared, and my confidence increased. Since I accepted and liked myself, others' opinions became less important to me. I no longer cared about how well others were doing because I was living comfortably, which is the fundamental benefit given by my inner self.

Therefore, I realized that the most important thing for a person is self-improvement. Cultivating oneself does not fundamentally solve problems; it only temporarily helps with emotions. However, the path of self-improvement is long and challenging, which many people do not readily adopt. The truth is, the harder the path, the more valuable it is.

However, there are still many difficulties to face in the future, such as midlife crises, industry competition, aging parents, and an unknown future. Perhaps a major event will happen unexpectedly one day.

All we can do is to do the best we can.

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