Recently, an article from Zhengzhou CDC titled "Rural Doctors Providing Medical Treatment at Home Are Engaging in Illegal Medical Practice and Cannot Leave Registered Practice Locations" has sparked a lot of comments from practitioners.

The article can be found here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/91hyGBv9bM5D4yo5s4SoeA

A netizen from Guangdong: Those who help people on the road, in cars, on boats, or on planes are all considered engaging in illegal medical practice. Let's each take care of our own responsibilities in the future.

A netizen from Xinghua, Jiangsu: If a rural doctor is called to provide home services for a patient, is it considered illegal medical practice?

Response from Zhengzhou CDC: It is not considered illegal medical practice. However, emergency treatment still needs to be provided at the village health center, and diseases beyond the scope of practice should be referred as soon as possible.

A netizen from Guangdong: Is it possible to vigorously develop traditional Chinese medicine?

A netizen from Ningxia: This is absurd! Rural doctors are all familiar with the villagers, and as long as operations are strictly regulated, they should be able to provide convenient services. Why restrict the actions of doctors in this way?

What I want to know is, when encountering a patient in need of assistance, who dares to step forward to help?
Can rural doctors and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners continue to inherit and practice traditional Chinese medicine?

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